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Anime & Manga Japan / Magnetic Rose

Memories: Magnetic Rose - Apotheosis - Phantom of the Opera
The Corona, a deep space salvage freighter, while out on a salvage mission encounters a distress signal and decides to follow it. They soon come upon a spaceship graveyard orbiting a giant space station. The crew's two engineers, Heintz and Miguel, enter it to get a closer look.

Once they are inside, they discover an opulent European interior and several furnished rooms (in varying degrees of decay), but find no signs of life. They discover that the station belongs to a once famous opera diva named Eva Friedal who disappeared after the murder of her fiancée, Carlo Rambaldi, a fellow singer. Continuing the search for the source of the signal, the engineers split up, with each experiencing paranormal encounters, including strange noises and visions of Eva. Miguel enters the dilapidated underbelly of the station, and in a cavernous chamber he finds a broken piano playing the distress signal. He begins to hallucinate and Eva suddenly runs up to kiss him.

Heintz finds a theater stage and sees Eva, who stabs him when he approaches. Suddenly paralyzed, Heintz relives a memory of his family, particularly with his daughter Emily. The illusion disappears when Eva takes his wife's form and tells him that he "will never leave". Heintz rushes to save Miguel, only to find that he had been seduced by Eva into thinking he is Carlo. Eva reveals to Heintz that she murdered the real Carlo for refusing to marry her and has forced others to look like him. She makes Heintz relive his daughter's death and nearly convinces him to join her, but he manages to resist and shoots the massive computer embedded in the ceiling, the source of the AI creating the illusions and distress signals causing Eva, apparently a hologram, to malfunction.

Magnetic Rose: Haunted

The Corona has been struggling against a powerful magnetic field coming from the station, pulling the ship towards it. In desperation, they fire a powerful energy cannon, gouging the structure deep enough to reach the cavern. Heintz is ejected into space (along with Eva's past victims), as Eva hauntingly sings to a conjured audience. The Corona is crushed together to form a rose-like shape around the station. The episode ends with the robot "Eva" talking romantically with a hypnotized Miguel. Heintz is last seen drifting in space, still alive.

Directed by Koji Morimoto. Script by noted anime director Satoshi Kon, based on a story by Katsuhiro Otomo. Music by Yoko Kanno.
This episode featured Maria Callas' performance of Un bel dì, vedremo.

By AS on Apr 12, 2012
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