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Anime & Manga Japan / Nico Nico, Inc. Announces the Live Broadcast of Stereopony's Concert at Sakura-con

Nico Nico, Inc. Announces the Live Broadcast of Stereopony's Concert at Sakura-con
PRWeb - Apr 05, 2012

Stereopony, a popular all-girl Japanese band with a global fan base will be performing at Sakura-con - the Northwest's oldest and largest anime, manga (comics), games and Asian culture convention. Nico Nico is the only online network to broadcast Stereopony's concert live to web audiences.Seattle, WA (PRWEB) April 05, 2012 For the fourth consecutive year, all-girl rock band Stereopony will ...
Stan Lee Gives ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN His Seal of Approval
Newsarama - Apr 5, 2012

Stan Lee is well known for his cameos in the films starring his Marvel co-creations, and in the '80s he narrated episodes of several cartoons including Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and Pryde of the X-Men.Those two worlds meet starting this Sunday, April 1, with the series premiere of Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD, part of the debuting "Marvel Universe" programming block along with the ...

Will AVENGERS VS. X-MEN Match the Impact of Previous Events?
Newsarama - Apr 5, 2012

By the time you read this, you might have already obtained a copy of Avengers vs. X-Men #1, the first issue of the latest Marvel event series. Not counting various tie-ins, AvX is scheduled for 12 biweekly issues, making it one of the biggest recent Marvel events, in page count alone. ...

Archie Reaches Out to Teen Demographic With Revamped JINX
Newsarama - Apr 5, 2012

Jinx, a new graphic novel from Archie, is taking a classic concept and updating it for a modern, teenage, female audience."If you read the original Li'l Jinx comic strips, you'll recognize this character and her supporting cast," said the graphic novel's author, J. Torres. "But we wanted to bring Jinx back as a teenager and appeal to the tween and teen demographic."The book, which is being ...

FELICIA DAY Launches Geek & Sundry Internet TV Channel
Newsarama - Apr 5, 2012

No stranger to the world of geek-friendly online video, The Guild creator Felicia Day recently announced the launch of her new webseries channel Geek & Sundry, which launches on YouTube this week with an ambitious slate of regular, original content.Among the shows premiering on the channel are various programs featuring well-known purveyors of nerdery, including a tabletop gaming program hosted ...

BEFORE WATCHMEN? Bring Back CHARLTON Heroes Instead!
Newsarama - Apr 5, 2012

In the mid 1980s, Alan Moore intended to write a finale story for the heroes of Charlton Comics. With the exception of a special issue that featured four of them forming a team called the Sentinels of Justice, the superheroes of Charlton hadn't been published since 1977. Moore's story would show how the heroes had changed since being outlawed in 1977 and would be entitled Who Killed the ...

Artist RAGS MORALES on Redesigning SUPERMAN
Newsarama - Apr 5, 2012

When DC rebooted the iconic Action Comics for the first time last year, the weight of history rested upon the new title's creative team as they started over Clark Kent's story - and numbering - for a new generation.Artist Rags Morales was paired with superstar writer Grant Morrison for the task of reinventing the hero. As the public was first informed about this new, young version of Superman ...

Marvel Reveals More in Latest SPIDER-MEN Teaser
Newsarama - Apr 1, 2012

After a few weeks off, Marvel is back with a new Spider-Men teaser, this time revealing the costume of one of the two titular "Spider-Men."

JUDGE DREDD Comes to IDW in Time for New Movie
Newsarama - Apr 1, 2012

Classic British comic book character Judge Dredd is coming to arriving at stateside this fall, courtesy of IDW.

Leinil Yu on SUPERCROOKS and Partner-in-Crime Mark Millar
Newsarama - Apr 1, 2012

Leinil Francis Yu started his career in the world of work-for-hire comics, illustrating several Wolverine stories in the late '90s. In that environment, he became a superstar, drawing high-profile stories including Superman: Birthright for DC Comics, plus major Marvel miniseries Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk and Secret Invasion. In recent years, he's primarily paired with Wanted and Kick-Ass ...

Joe Kelly and Steven Seagle Help Guide ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN
Newsarama - Apr 1, 2012

Marvel TV's latest animated series, Ultimate Spider-Man, debuts with a one-hour premiere this Sunday, April 1, at 11 a.m. on Disney XD. Serving as supervising producers on the show is the "Man of Action" team of Joe Kelly, Steven T. Seagle, Joe Casey and Duncan Rouleau. They've been rather successful with animation in the past - creating Ben 10 and Generator Rex - and all four have years of ...

By AS on Apr 9, 2012
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