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Animated Shorts - Gigantor Cast a Giant Shadow on Anime

Taking up herewith Tezuka Osamu News provided by mainly Foreign Media.
Tezuka World might be understood via these News.
DMP Announces Osamu Tezuka Project
May 30, 2009 by Comic Book Bin
By Leroy Douresseaux TezukaInEnglish.com and Digital Manga Publishing are proud to announce an exclusive sneak peek of the "god of manga" Osamu Tezuka's ...

Join the CBLDF!
May 30, 2009 by Daily Kos
I could go on and on about the greatness sequential art can achieve and the works of Osamu Tezuka and Will Eisner, but instead I'll just put up this link: ...

Danielle Leigh's Reading Diary — Pluto: Urasawa x Tezuka vol 1-3
May 15, 2009 by Comic Book Resources
by Danielle Leigh Naoki Urasawa's Pluto — a retelling of Osamu Tezuka's “The Greatest Robot on Earth” story from Astro Boy – currently stands as the best ...

Our Missing Video Game Robot Hero
May 27, 2009 by Kotaku.com
Osamu Tezuka's beloved boy robot, Astro Boy, defined an art form, inspired a nation, and is a cultural icon worthy of the Robot Hall of Fame. ...

Animated Shorts - Gigantor Cast a Giant Shadow on Anime
May 21, 2009 by Newsarama
When he saw the competition, aka Osamu Tezuka, making big waves with Astro, Yokoyama logically wanted some of that action, too. ...

This week, it's Dracula, Dracula and a mullet-filled X-Men flashback
May 19, 2009 by Comic Book Resources

Based on Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy story “The Greatest Robot on Earth,” Urasawa molds Pluto into a murder mystery in which a robot detective tries to solve a ...

Manga character enlisted to promote city
May 14, 2009 by Inside Japan Tours

The hometown of celebrated manga illustrator Osamu Tezuka is to be promoted by one of his most well-known creations. Ribon no Kishi (Princess Knight) will ...

Gladly drawn boy
May 14, 2009 by The National
Tatsumi also loved Osamu Tezuka, now known as the founder of narrative manga. Tezuka's aesthetic was inspired by Disney movies and Charlie Chaplin; ...

A bull in a china shop
May 25, 2009 by China Post

They still are, thanks to a postwar revival spearheaded by Osamu Tezuka and others. Taiwan has also contributed a number of manga authors or cartoonists. ...

Straight for the Art: 'Swallowing the Earth'
May 29, 2009 by Comic Book Resources
From 'Swallowing the Earth'
DMP will be publishing one of “God of Manga” Osamu Tezuka's more interesting and perhaps controversial works, Swallowing the Earth, in June, and they've got ...
By A.S. on Jun 6 2009
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