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Hikaru no Go / ヒカルの碁 Vol. 4

"Hikaru no Go" DVD & Manga by Amazon

Effect on the popularity of Go is as follows.
Hikaru no Go dramatically increased the popularity of Go in Japan and elsewhere, particularly among young children.
Go professional Yukari Umezawa served as the technical advisor for the manga and promoted it on behalf of the Nihon Ki-in. She had a short one-minute special at the end of every episode instructing kids how to play Go.
One of the reasons that she helped make Go so popular was because she was called "best looking Go professional". The manga also spread Go throughout the United States. As a result, many high school and middle school Go clubs were started by students influenced by the manga.

HIKARU NO GO Soundtrack 神の一手(kami no itte)

Regarding "Go Titles" is as follows.
The plot of the manga "Hikaru no Go" revolves around the Japanese Go world. Several of the manga's prominent characters hold Go titles.
The title holder is then called by a combination of their name and the title they hold. In the case of a multiple title holder the most prestigious title they hold is used. The 7 major titles mentioned in the manga are Kisei, Meijin, Honinbō, Jūdan, Tengen, Ōza, and Gosei.

HIKARU NO GO Soundtrack 前を向いて(mae wo muite)

English-language adaptations
Hikaru no Go is published in English in the United States Shonen Jump magazine, and in individual graphic novels. The anime is now being shown in English on ImaginAsian TV to USA residents and on streaming video one episode at a time on Toonami Jetstream, although there have been no announcements that it will be shown on their television block on Cartoon Network.

HIKARU NO GO Soundtrack 想いあふれて(omoi ahurete)

The manga is unedited in the Shonen Jump version and the manga chapters that can be read on the Shonen Jump website. Unlike the earlier Shonen Jump versions, instances of cigarettes are removed from the Hikaru no Go graphic novels so that they can be labelled as appropriate for everyone. For instance, the cigarette that Tetsuo Kaga puts on a Go board is changed to a wad of chewing gum in the graphic novel. Other changes include removal of clothing designs (e.g. vol. 5) and actual trademarks.

The cigarette habits were edited in 2005 Shonen Jump editions along with the graphic novels, though not all were caught before translation. In Volume 2, Sai communicates his outrage about Tetsuo's "dirty cigarette" (graphic novel vol. 2, p. 9), and in another edition Sai says "He put his gum out on the board!" and in another panel Tetsuo is shown in the background smoking. As of September 2006, references to cigarettes and smoking are prevalent in the version seen in Shonen Jump.
Similar changes were made when it was adapted as an anime, inside Japan.

"Hikaru no Go" DVD & Manga by Amazon

By A.S. on Jun 24, 2009
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