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Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 4

Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD Series and Goods by Amazon

There was a sudden shift in tone around episode 16 of the series.
This was partly due to scheduling restraints, which drastically reduced the number of frames that could be drawn for each episode, and partly due to the Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway on March 20, 1995, which occurred while the series was under production;
Anno decided to remove elements of the series plot that he felt were too similar to the real-life attack. Anno stated before production that he did not know how the show would end, nor what would become of the characters.

Neon Genesis Evangelion ep. 16 part 1/3

Neon Genesis Evangelion ep. 16 part 2/3

Neon Genesis Evangelion ep. 16 part 3/3
Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD Series and Goods by Amazon

Reaction was decidedly mixed; reception of the latter quarter of the TV series had often been hostile to the point of death threats, and the movies were seen as being even more incomprehensible (such as the ending), bizarre and even disgusting.


In May 1998, Gainax was audited by the National Tax Agency at the urging of the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau: Gainax was suspected of committing tax evasion on the massive profits accruing from various Evangelion properties. Gainax had concealed 1.56 billion yen worth of income (thereby failing to pay 560 million yen due in corporate taxes) which it had earned between the release of Evangelion and July 1997. Gainax would pay companies closely related to it various large fees, ostensibly to pay for animation expenses, but then immediately withdraw 90% of the sums from the other company's accounts as cash and store it in safe deposit boxes (leaving 10% as a reward for the other company's assistance).

Eventually Takeshi Sawamura and tax accountant Yoshikatsu Iwasaki were arrested on 13 July 1999 for concealing income of 1.5 billion yen failing to pay corporate taxes of 580 million yen. Yasuhiro Takeda defends Sawamura's actions as being a reaction to Gainax's perpetually precarious finances and the shaky accounting procedures internally:

Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD Series and Goods by Amazon

"Sawamura understood our financial situation better than anyone, so when Evangelion took off and the money really started rolling in, he saw it as possibly our one and only opportunity to set something aside for the future. I guess he was vulnerable to temptation at that point, because no one knew how long the Evangelion goose would keep laying golden eggs. I don't think he purposely set out with the goal of evading taxes. It was more that our level of accounting knowledge wasn't up to the task of dealing with revenues on such a large scale."

Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD Series and Goods by Amazon
By A.S. on Jul 11, 2009
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