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Miyazaki & “Ponyo,” Coming to America

JAPANESE ANIME SPOT / Miyazaki Hayao (29) / Miyazaki Hayao (31)

Taking up herewith Anime News by Media regarding Hayao Miyazaki of the past week.
He is very famous in USA and other countries in abroad.
Ponyo is one of his recent work and it is supposed to be evaluated very much, I'm sure.

Center for Japanese Studies Set to Bestow Japan Prize on Hayao ...
Jul 23, 2009 by Daily Californian
Born on January 5, 1941 in Tokyo, Japan, Hayao Miyazaki became fascinated with animation while still in high school. After graduating from Gakushuin ...

NINA'S PICKS: My Con cred
Jul 23, 2009 by San Diego Union Tribune

Normally I hate anime, but not when Hayao Miyazaki does it. And Totoro is now the fifth member of my family. 4. Once upon a time, I spent hours and hours ...

Miyazaki & “Ponyo,” Coming to America
Jul 21, 2009 by Indie Wire
cinemadaily 07.21.09 | Miyazaki & “Ponyo,” Coming to America

The rare visit by Hayao Miyazaki, the acclaimed animation filmmaker, will take place at San Diego's upcoming Comic Con, just a few weeks ahead of Disney's ...

This week at the movies
Jul 23, 3009 by Buenos Aires Herald

Directed by Hayao Miyazaki (Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi), Ponyo is an animated feature using traditional, frame-by-frame techniques, the type of animation ...

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea Trailer provided by YouTube

Miyazaki gets help in support for woodland
Jul 21, 2009 by Variety

For two decades, animation master Hayao Miyazaki has supported the nonprofit Totoro Forest Project to protect a Tokyo woodland from ...

Miyazaki hopes to break U.S. spell
Jul 21, 2009 by Variety

Animation fans know Hayao Miyazaki as the living legend behind four decades of hand-drawn classics, including "My Neighbor Totoro" (a film originally released in the U.S. by low-budget label Troma) and Oscar winner "Spirited Away," and yet the visionary Japanese director remains largely unknown to American auds....

John Scalzi - When Science Fiction Goes Global
Jul 23, 3009 by AMCtv.com

That would be Ponyo, the latest fantasy flick by Japanese animation icon Hayao Miyazaki. The movie is scheduled for release domestically in August, ...

When Directors Invade Comic-Con
Jul 23, 3009 by JustPressPlay

In a rare public meeting of two masters from two sides of the planet, animation giant Hayao Miyazaki will be here to bring his latest, Ponyo, ...

“Wild Things,” Superheroes, Burton, Jonze, “Twilight” and Freaks ...
Jul 22, 2009 by Indie Wire

Disney's animation panel will include a rare appearance in the United States from Oscar-winning director Hayao Miyazaki, who will be in San Diego to talk ...

TMR: Raaaaaaaandy returns, 'Persia' posters, and my new favorite ...
Jul 20, 2009 by HitFix

Since I can't imagine many opportunities in the future for him to see a film with Hayao Miyazaki in attendance, I'm really pleased this came together, ...

Comic-Con 2009: Hidden treasures
Jul 23, 3009 by San Diego Union Tribune

You've already heard about the heavy hitters coming to town this weekend: “Avatar” and “New Moon,” “Iron Man 2” and “Lost,” Tim Burton and Hayao Miyazaki. ...
By A.S. on Jul 26, 2009
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