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Astro Boy News

JAPANESE ANIME SPOT / Tezuka Osamu (33) / Tezuka Osamu (35)

Taking up herewith Astro Boy News by Media.
Interested ni News Article "Kristen Bell: 'It's Hard For Women to be Funny'" and "Astro Boy will fly into theaters in a blast from cartoon past".

Kristen Bell: 'It's Hard For Women to be Funny'
Aug 7, 2009 by Showbiz Spy
Kristen Bell

Bell, 29, voices a character in the upcoming movie Astro Boy — a role which she recently revealed has taken her back to her childhood.
“I didn’t know Astro Boy at all before working on this movie, but now I’m immersed and have all the little toys and stuff,” she dished. “I just love the characters. They are so cute. ...

J-Pop explodes: New People mall opening in SF
Aug 7, 2009 by San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco's Asian Art Museum saluted Tezuka Osamu, the creator of Astro Boy, with a show called "The Marvel of Manga" in 2007. ...

'Astro Boy: The Video Game' (ALL) - New Screens
Aug 7, 2009 by WorthPlaying.com 
Based on the upcoming feature film which itself is inspired by one of the most beloved characters of all time, Astro Boy: The Video Game will allow players ...

Salute Your Shorts: Tezuka Osamu's Experimental Animation
Aug 6, 2009 by Paste Magazine

Astro Boy was, of course, an extremely important work that has been endlessly copied and unintentionally became the first real anime. ...

A reply from Imagi about 'Astro Boy'
Aug 5, 2009 by Paste Magazine

We would also like to express our warm appreciation of your support and that of ComicMix.com to date, and we look forward to sharing updates on Astro Boy ...

Kristen Bell Says Astro Boy Has a "Green" Message
Aug 4, 2009 by ReelzChannel.com

After viewing Imagi Animation Studios' unfinished footage of Astro Boy at the San Diego Comic-Con, we had the opportunity to sit down and chat with actress Kristen Bell, who provides the voice of Cora, a character created just for the Astro Boy movie. Bell, famous for her roles on Veronica Mars and Heroes, said, "I saw the movie a couple nights ago and I loved it." Bell went on to say that while the movie contains kid-friendly action, it still touches on some important themes, including the importance of preserving our environment and the old standby of being kind to one another....

First Look: Astro Boy , Kristen Bell Plug Into Comic-Con
Jul 24, 2009 by Wired News

The 21st century update of Osamu Tezuka's classic anime series Astro Boy, sneak-peeked Thursday at Comic-Con International, stars Freddie ...

Astro Boy will fly into theaters in a blast from cartoon past
Jul 20, 2009 by USA Today
With cannon arms and rocket legs, Astro Boy (voiced by Freddie Highmore) takes to the air in an animated feature based on the long-running Japanese manga character.
(With cannon arms and rocket legs, Astro Boy (voiced by Freddie Highmore) takes to the air in an animated feature based on the long-running)

(Astro Boy was constructed by Dr. Tenma (voiced by Nicolas Cage), a war-machine engineer who built him in the image of his late son, Toby.)

(In this image from the 1963 cartoon show, Astro Boy zips through the air while Dr. Elefun watches in amazement. In its native Japan, the character is as iconic as Mickey Mouse.)

Now Astro Boy is coming back. Imagi Animation Studios is putting the final touches on an animated movie premiering Oct. 23 — and the trick now is reminding the Astro-less generation who he is.

"I hope the fact that he's been away for so long makes our movie seem fresher and newer," says director David Bowers (Flushed Away). "Still, we're looking back to see what's come before to learn from it and draw upon it. I hope people who are nostalgic for the old show will really get a kick out of seeing Astro again. And for kids who haven't seen it, he's just a kid like them, but with rockets for boots and cannons for arms. He's really like a junior Iron Man."

Imagi president Erin Corbett says the Astro Boy presentation at San Diego's Comic-Con on Thursday will be crucial for reigniting the little robot's engine. The studio also is trying to capitalize on his retro status, since uncool can be very cool these days. "There is that underground feel that is helping us with adults and teens," she says. ...

Astro Boy to return in 3-D
Jul 15, 2009 by Alibaba News Channel

Few people born in the 1980s would fail to recognize the small and mighty figure of a robot boy soaring through the sky. Astro Boy was created ...
By A.S. on Aug 12, 2009

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