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New Astro Boy Trailer Makes Me Want This New Astro Boy Toy

JAPANESE ANIME SPOT / Tezuka Osamu (34) / Tezuka Osamu (36)

Taking up herewith Anime News regarding "Dr. Osamu Tezuka" by Media.
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The Astonishing Work of Tezuka Osamu
Aug 10, 2009 by DVD Talk

Osamu Tezuka has been called many things, though his most well-traveled tags are variations on "the father of manga" and "the Walt Disney of Japan." He redefined entertainment in postwar Japan, creating new genres of comics and changing how his countrymen approached cartooning. 

New Astro Boy Trailer Makes Me Want This New Astro Boy Toy
Aug 12, 2009 by Gizmodo Australia

Check out this wicked Astro Boy figurine recently spotted at Hong Kong’s Ani-Com show. I can’t wait for the big-screen CG reboot of everyone’s favourite Pinocchio-like android kid with arm canons. Speaking of which, new full-length trailer after the jump! (more…)

Astro Boy Full Trailer
Aug 12, 2009 by Screen Rant Astro Boy Comic Con pic 2

The full-length trailer for Astro Boy has debuted online exclusively at MSN. The new trailer details more of what the plot of the film will be, as well as showing off some of the action-packed and/or humorous moments from the film, which were screened for audiences during the Astro Boy panel at this year’s San [...]

Schoolgirl Milky Crisis
Aug 12, 2009 by Mania

Schoolgirl Milky Crisis is, if nothing else, eminently quotable. Creative Staff Writer: Jonathan Clements What They Say "Impressive, exhaustive, labyrinthine, and obsessive - The Anime Encyclopedia is an astonishing piece of work." - Neil Gaiman&quot...

Astro Boy, King of Thorn, Ballad Trailers Streamed (Updated)
Aug 12, 2009 by Anime News Network

The MSN website began streaming the full 144-second trailer for David Bowers and IMAGI 's computer-animated Astro Boy film on Tuesday. Bowers notes that the trailer is also streaming on the YouTube website.

New Astro Boy Trailer Makes Me Want This New Astro Boy Toy [Astro Boy]
Aug 11, 2009 by Gizmodo

Check out this wicked Astro Boy figurine recently spotted at Hong Kong's Ani-Com show. I can't wait for the big-screen CG reboot of everyone's favorite Pinocchio-like android kid with arm canons....

Disabled but deadly: Gaming’s physically challenged killers
Aug 11, 2009 by Games Rader

In a medium full of perfect teeth, washboard stomachs and breasts that have their own gravitational pull, it’s rare to see characters with disabilities. But they do exist… and they’ve done some badass things.

Second Round of Guests Added for Anime Weekend Atlanta in September
Aug 10, 2009 by Anime News Network

ATLANTA,GA- August 8, 2009- Anime Weekend Atlanta announces another round of guests for its 15th annual convention on September 18-20, 2009, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Workshop on graphic novels sharpens the storytelling/drawing skills of young adults
Aug 7, 2009 by The Kansas City Star

It’s just a little room in a little library behind Wal-Mart, but it’s alive with ideas. Verbal. Written. Visual. Fourteen youngsters with sketch pads crowd around three tables. An artist named Steele Snover (his real name) has their attention. He’s demonstrating shading and shadows, and they’re into it.

Viz Media Presents the Historical and Royal Intrigue of Ōoku: The Inner Chambers Manga Series
Aug 7, 2009 by Anime News Network

San Francisco, CA, August 6, 2009 – Viz Media , LLC ( Viz Media ), one of the entertainment industry's most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, has announced the release of ŌOKU : THE INNER CHAMBERS, Fumi Yoshinaga 's historical manga epic set in an alternate version of Edo-era Japan.
By A.S. on Aug 15, 2009

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