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Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

JAPANESE ANIME SPOT / Miyazaki Hayao (33) / Miyazaki Hayao (35)

As you might know, US Media's valuation is very high in connection with Ponyo (崖の上のポニョ Gake no Ue no Ponyo, literally "Ponyo on the Cliff").
And as you might know, Ponyo is a 2008 Japanese animated film by Studio Ghibli, written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

It is Miyazaki's eighth film for Ghibli, and his tenth overall. The plot centers on a goldfish named Ponyo who befriends a five-year-old human boy Sōsuke and wants to become a human girl.
The film has won several awards, including the Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year. It was released in Japan on July 19, 2008 and August 14, 2009 in the US and Canada.

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The plot is centered on a fish girl who lives in an aquarium inside her father's four-flippered submarine. Ponyo is by far the largest of her siblings and is driven by a desire to see more of the world. She has a close call with a dredger and ends up trapped inside a glass bottle and stranded near the shore where she is rescued by Sōsuke, a five-year-old boy whose family lives on a cliff. Sōsuke believes that she is dead until she licks the blood from a small cut he got from breaking the glass from around her. After taking a great liking to her, Sōsuke names Ponyo and vows to protect her forever. Meanwhile, her father Fujimoto, a sorcerer who once was human is looking for his daughter. He even goes so far as to venture onto dry land. He is determined to return her to her ocean home and believes that she was "captured" by a human. Sōsuke takes Ponyo to school and ventures near the ocean to be away from the meddling of his fellow students. While at the water's edge, Ponyo begins to speak. He then loses her in a flood of Fujimoto's wave spirits that carry Ponyo away from him. Sōsuke is heartbroken by this and begins to wade out to sea after her and is rescued by his mother, Lisa (or "Risa" in some translations) who takes him home. Lisa doesn't entirely appreciate how heartbroken Sōsuke is until she herself is frustrated that her husband won't be able to leave the boat he works on and come home for dinner. She then tries to cheer him up, but to no avail.

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea [trailer one] BETTER QUALITY

Ponyo and her father have a confrontation, where Ponyo refuses to let her father call her "Brünnhilde". She declares her name to be Ponyo, and voices her desire to become human because she has started to fall in love with Sōsuke. Using Sōsuke's blood, she immediately sprouts chicken arms and legs and grows in size. Her father silences her with difficulty and reverts her to her original fish form and then goes to summon Ponyo's mother, a powerful sea goddess, for help. Meanwhile, Ponyo, with the help of her sisters, breaks away from her father, and is washed into a well of powerful magic elixir that her father had been collecting in order to transform the oceans and put an end to age of human exploitation. Ponyo's magical power increases so much that she is able to become human while all her siblings become enormous whale-sized fish made of water. The moon's gravity increases enormously, pulling the water into a mountainous tide that raises the level of the ocean. Running on the backs of wave-fish, Ponyo goes back to find Sōsuke. She follows Lisa's car as she races up road overlooking the sea, but just as she's about to catch them, she reverts to her middle form, the one with the chicken arms and legs, and falls all the way down the cliff into the water. Sōsuke tells Lisa that he's just seen a little girl go into the ocean and she immediately stops her car. Ponyo then comes out of the waves and runs to Sōsuke, becoming human again in mid run. Sōsuke manages to recognize her despite her transformation. Lisa, Sōsuke, and Ponyo stay the night at Sōsuke's house, hoping the storm will end. After they turn on the emergency generator, turning their house into a lighthouse, Lisa leaves the house to check up on the residents of the nursing home where she works.

崖の上のポニョ 【歌詞付】 viewed 5,304,908 times

Granmammare, Ponyo's mother, arrives at Fujimoto's submarine. Fujimoto notices the moon has come out of its orbit and the satellites are falling like shooting stars. Granmammare declares that if Sōsuke and Ponyo pass a test of true love, Ponyo will become permanently human and lose her magic, restoring the world to its natural order. Sōsuke and Ponyo wake up to find that most of the land around the house has been covered by the ocean, all the way up to the bottom of the door's house. The sea has also become very calm. Lisa has not come home yet, so with the help of Ponyo's magic, they make Sōsuke's toy boat large enough to ride in and set out to find Lisa. While traveling they see ancient extinct fish from the Devonian era swimming, such as the Bothriolepis, Dipnorhynchus, Devonynchus, Gogonasus and Licosus.

Ponyo Trailer

After landing and finding Lisa's empty car, Ponyo and Sōsuke go through a tunnel. Ponyo becomes very sleepy and while inside the tunnel she reverts to her middle form with chicken arms and legs and then to her original fish form. Sōsuke and Ponyo find the hill-top park (now an island) where the nursing home residents were supposed to evacuate to. They are then taken by Fujimoto into the ocean and down to the protected nursing home where they're reunited with Lisa and meet Granmammare. Granmammare asks Sōsuke if he can love Ponyo in her fish form. Sōsuke replies that he loves Ponyo in all her forms. Granmammare then tells Ponyo that to become human she must give up her magic. She then places Ponyo in a bubble and tells Sōsuke that she'll become human again when he kisses her after returning to the land.

Once they return to the surface, they find the world returning to normal. The sky is full of helicopters and airplanes and many ships that had been pulled by the moon's gravity to the base of a mountain of water are returning to port, including the ship Sōsuke's father, Koichi, works on. Impatient to become human again, Ponyo flies into the air, comes down again and lands a flying kiss on Sōsuke's surprised lips. She immediately becomes human. The final frame of the movie shows Ponyo frozen in mid air, less than an inch from Sōsuke's surprised face.

By A.S. on Aug 18, 2009
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