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New York Anime Festival is looking good

Taking up herewith Japanese Anime News.
According to Examiner.com News, supposes to be "New York Anime Festival is looking good".
I'm glad to hear it.
Quote herewith some other News.
Especially interested in "Astro Boy Gets the Hollywood-Blockbuster Treatment ".
Aug 25, 2009 by Active Anime (press release)

We were impressed to know that the Japanese culture centering Japanese anime is received and loved this much by people all over the world while we—or most ...

New York Anime Festival is looking good
Aug 25, 2009 by Examiner.com

NYAF will be hosting the World Cyber Games National Final, where the winner of this video game contest will go on to do fierce battle in China.  They will be having a Neo-Victorian fashion show, as well as highlighting Japanese and Korean MMOs.  The yume cosplay will be held alongside the hall cosplay contest, and there will be a LARP (live-action role playing) at the event, and the New York Anime Festival website has complete forms to fill out online in order to join these games and contests.  There will also be a cosplay variety show, dating game and AMV contest, for the anime fans who enjoy editing and making films. ...

Astro Boy Gets the Hollywood-Blockbuster Treatment
Aug 24, 2009 by Wired News
(Astro Boy flies through Metro City, which floats in the sky because Earth has become too contaminated for human life to thrive.)

Astro Boy—the beloved '60s Japanese anime series—is launching on the big screen on October 23! Woo ... wait a minute. Haven't we been here before? The Technicolor hemorrhage that was Speed Racer recently taught us that anime doesn't necessarily benefit from the Hollywood-blockbuster treatment. ...

Japanese anime keyboard
Aug 21, 2009 by UberGizmo
Japanese anime keyboard

Fans of anime will find these keyboard designs from E-Junex to be their cup of tea, featuring anime-style gals on the surface that ought to get hot-blooded ...

Japanese Live Action Vampire Drama, RH Plus, to Stream on Crunchyroll
Aug 24, 2009 by Anime News Network

... Crunchyroll is an online video service and community that offers full-length episodes and movies of the very best in Japanese anime and Asian entertainment. Crunchyroll's content is provided by Asian media leaders including TV TOKYO, Shueisha, d-rights, Fuji Creative Corporation, Pony Canyon, Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, Toei Animation, Gonzo, Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation America, and many others.
Crunchyroll was founded in June 2006 and has offices in San Francisco and Tokyo. Crunchyroll is a pioneer and innovator in the Japanese anime industry and the only video service in the world to offer hit programs like NARUTO SHIPPUDEN, GINTAMA and many others online to its subscribers within one hour of its Japanese broadcast. Crunchyroll is a member of the Association of Japanese Animations (AJA) and the Licensing International Merchandisers Association (LIMA) and is funded by leading venture capital firm, Venrock.  ...

"Ponyo" an imaginative, beautiful film for all ages
Aug 24, 2009 by fwdailynews.com

an animation studio in Japan that has cranked out great animated movies, too, including "Spirited Away," "Princess Mononoke" and this month's "Ponyo. ...

Ponyo is something to behold
Aug 19, 2009 by Blast

Anyone who knows anything about the work of Japanese anime master Hayao Miyazaki knows “My Neighbor Totoro,” his magical early piece ...

First Building Nationwide Devoted to J-Pop Opens in SF
Aug 25, 2009 by AsianWeek

Many fairgoers were clad in their stylish and vibrant anime and Harajuku outfits (originating in Japan, Harajuku is a mixture of different fashions ...

King of the Fans: Patrick W. Galbraith on Manga, Anime, and Otaku
Aug 19, 2009 by Metroblogging.com

I was maybe five or six years old when I first saw anime, Japanese anime. I was sitting waiting for my parents in this barbershop, and the owner was playing anime in Japanese. I have no idea why, but guess it might have been a kind of background noise or ambience.  ...

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Review
Aug 24, 2009 by IGN

The game's Japanese developed but the art designers go with a more European flavor for the game's art style – a little anime flavor sneaks in there, ...

Monster Anime Gets Added to SyFy Channel's Fall Line-Up
Aug 24, 2009 by Manga.about.com

Compared to many anime, Monster is a drama series set in a world that's very much like the one we live in today. A Japanese doctor and his allies must try ...

Aug 24, 2009 by Active Anime (press release)

I was maybe five or six years old when I first saw anime, Japanese anime. I was sitting waiting for my parents in this barbershop, and the owner was playing anime in Japanese. I have no idea why, but guess it might have been a kind of background noise or ambience. The work was Miyazaki Hayao’s Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, this immersive story that takes place in a world ravaged by war and ecological disaster. Of course, at the time I had absolutely no clue what I was looking at. It was way above my ability to comprehend, and in a language I couldn’t understand. I just sat there, watching the pictures and wondering what was going on. The lead character was a cute girl, and the giant insects were cool, and that was enough. ...
By A.S. on Aug 30, 2009

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