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Astro Boy gets his day in Hollywood

JAPANESE ANIME SPOT / Tezuka Osamu (36) / Tezuka Osamu (38)

Taking up herewith Japanese Anime News by Media in relation to "Astro Boy".
According to News titled "Flying through", Popular Japanese manga figure Astro Boy gets his day in Hollywood.
And also taking up herewith Videos provided by Dailymotion and 'Astro Boy' Trailer.
Hope you to enjoy it.

Astroboy - 01 - the birth of astro boy

'Astro Boy' Trailer
'Astro Boy' Trailer
Flying through
Aug 27, 2009 by The Star

Astro Boy (voiced by Freddie Highmore, inset) makes a leap from manga to movie.

Popular Japanese manga figure Astro Boy gets his day in Hollywood.
IT has taken some time but Astro Boy is finally making his American movie debut in October (tentative release date in Malaysia is Nov 26).
The popular Japanese manga by Osamu Tezuka was a popular television series that was broadcast in Japan from 1963 to 1966 for four seasons. It crossed over to American TV as Mighty Atom back then.
More recently, the Cartoon Network aired some of the episodes on air and online. Despite its popularity, plans to bring Astro Boy to the big screen had been thwarted until now. ...

Aug 28, 2009 by USA Today

Autumn is a time of falling leaves, harvest moons, and risky, offbeat movies. Though a surfeit of scary films surround the Halloween season, it also is a time of family films, comedies and dramas that take a slightly skewed look at their subjects. USA TODAY looks at some from this year's crop.Astro Boy (Oct. 23)
Director: David Bowers
Stars: Voices of Freddie Highmore, Nicolas Cage, Bill Nighy, Kristen Bell
Story: After the death of his young son, a scientist previously devoted to building futuristic weapons of war creates an android with the likeness and memories of his lost little boy. But the two are not the same, and the robot's identity crisis involves fighting a dictator who wants to harness his technology for cruel purposes. An updated version of the classic Osamu Tezuka character, which became the first major cartoon imported to America from Japan.

Aug 28, 2009 by Newsday

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Highlights of the fall film slate (release dates are subject to change, and some films will play in limited release): ___ September: THE AGE OF STUPID: An archivist ( Pete Postlethwaite ) in 2055 looks back on the world's global-warming catastrophe in this documentary-style cautionary tale. ALL ABOUT STEVE: Sandra Bullock stalks the man she considers her true love in a romance ...

Aug 28, 2009 by The Huffington Post

Sometimes, I am amazed by what happens at the box office. Sure, a tiny under-promoted film like Bandslam with stars only a tween would know...

Aug 27, 2009 by The Argus Leader

Country performer Mark Chestnut plays the Fort Randall Casino in Wagner 8:30 p.m. Saturday. Tickets are $20, and $25 for reserved seating. Chestnut is known for No. 1 hits like "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing," "It Sure Is Monday" and more. Call 487-7871.

Aug 20, 2009 by IGN PSP

Astro Boy: The Video Game (PSP)

Aug 27, 2009 by Miami Herald

Although there are technically a couple of weeks of summer left, the films of fall are upon us. Now is when movies get serious, when Hollywood starts thinking about Oscar. You'll still find plenty of zombies and ninjas at the multiplex in the coming weeks, just not quite as many as you would have found in July.
By A.S. on Sep 1, 2009
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