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Is dressing up a vital branch of fashion?

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Taking up herewith Anime News by Media.
Recent anime trend will be read via these News.

San Francisco Japantown hotel delivers anime immersion
Oct 3, 2009 by Los Angeles Times

I never quite got anime. Yes, I watched the Japanese animated series "Speed Racer" growing up, and I'm impressed ...

'Teen Cosplay & Anime Movie' at Liliha Library Oct. 10
Oct 2, 2009 by Honolulu Advertiser

Liliha Public Library will offer "Teen Cosplay & Anime Movie," a free event on Saturday, October 10 from 1:30 pm-3 pm in the Meeting Room. ...

Is dressing up a vital branch of fashion?
Oct 3, 2009 by Financial Times
A participant at New York's Anime' festival

Raiding the dressing-up box is not just the preserve of the under tens; for some imaginative adults it’s a regular pastime.

Costume Roleplay, or “cosplay” for short, is an increasingly popular performance art where men and women don cartoon or sci-fi garb, including Vulcan ears, Spider-Man masks, Princess Leia gold bikinis, and, more often than not, weird and wonderful outfits inspired by Japanese manga (comics). But can you call it fashion?

“Cosplay is absolutely a branch, or subgroup, of fashion,” says Linda Thai, a cosplayer who blogs on the subjects of anime (Japanese animation) and manga for the website Something Deeper: Anime, Manga and Comics, noting that both cosplay and fashion are predicated on a desire for self-expression. ...

'Evangelion 1.0': Gorgeous animation, cliché anime | 2 ½ stars
Oct 1, 2009 by Kansas City Star

Hideaki Anno's beloved anime series “Neon Genesis Evangelion” gets a big-screen reboot, complete with updated digital animation and a cursory attempt to ...

Anime Review: Slayers Next
Oct 2, 2009 by Escapist Magazine

The fantasy setting is expanded further and gives the anime more depth. Old cities are revisited. Lina and other magic users learn new spells while learning ...

Colleges Use Student Blogs as Free PR
Oct 2, 2009 by Newser

“I would have never guessed that people at MIT are interested in anime,” one prospective student wrote in response to a blog. “Oh well. ...

Student Bloggers Find an Unlikely Home, on Their College Web Sites
Oct 1, 2009 by New York Times

“There’ve been several times when I felt like I didn’t really fit in at M.I.T.,” she wrote. “I nearly fell asleep during a Star Wars marathon. It wasn’t a result of sleep deprivation. I was bored out of my mind.”
Still, in other ways, Ms. Chinea feels right at home at the institute — she loves the anime club, and that her hall has its own wiki Web site and an Internet Relay for real-time messaging. As she wrote on her blog, a hallmate once told her that “M.I.T. is the closest you can get to living in the Internet,” and Ms. Chinea reported, “IT IS SO TRUE. Love. It. So. Much.” ...

Twitter buzz: Cosplay Masquerade photos at NY Anime Festival
Sep 27, 2009 by Examiner.com

The 2009 NY Anime Festival (NYAF) climax for many attendees is the Yume Cosplay Masquerade Contest. Participants compete for prizes, the grand prize being a ...
By A.S. on Oct 4, 2009
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