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Case Closed: The Fourteenth Target

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The second movie,Case Closed: The Fourteenth Target known as Detective Conan: The Fourteenth Target (名探偵コナン 14番目の標的 Meitantei Conan Jūyon banme no Tagetto), in Japan, debuted on April 18, 1998, and the English version was released in 2007.
Directed by Kanetsugu Kodama and written by Kazunari Kochi, it was about a case in which people close to Richard Moore were attacked in a way similar to The A.B.C. Murders.
This movie achieved a distributor's income of 1.05 billion yen.
It was released by FUNimation as a DVD in 2007.
Although the storyline remained the same, due to character name changes, there have been significant changes in the explanation of the names used.

And the plot is as follwos.
Rachel sees her mother get shot and wakes up to realize its a dream. Richard Moore, Rachel Moore, Eva Kadan and Conan Edogawa go out to eat dinner at a fancy restaurant.
There they meet up with an old acquaintance of the family. He is a wine taster, one of the best in the world.

Case Closed: 14th Target clip

The next day Inspector Megure is jogging in the park, when suddenly he is attacked with a crossbow. Near where the incident occurred, a strange looking knife is found. Conan thinks he has seen this knife somewhere before.
It is revealed that this "knife" is made from paper mache. This injures him and places him in the hospital. Richard, Conan, and Rachel then go visit Megure. This is where Conan learns Megure's first name, Joseph. Once they leave, Eva Kadan receives a box of chocolates delivered to her at her office.

Case Closed: 14th Target clip 2

She mistakenly believes they were sent by Richard, and eats them. She then passes out. It is discovered that the chocolates were poisoned. Megure, still recovering, joins the rest of the group in Eva's hospital room. Attached to her favorite brand of chocolate was a paper mache flower. Once again, Conan finds the clue familiar. It seems the crimes are connected.


The next day Dr. Agasa is attacked with a crossbow by a motorist, and Conan gives chase. Eventually the motorist gets away. Conan finds the clue the motorist left behind.
This time, it is a paper mache sceptre. He concludes all the "clues" are from a standard deck of regular playing cards. They are each the items a "face card" is holding. The king is holding a knife, the queen a flower, and the Jack a sceptre. Each victim is represented by a regular playing card.

Case Closed: 14th Target clip 3

The order of the attacks starts from the highest card, the King, and goes down in order. Victims of face cards "clues" are objects that are being held in the playing card. Victims of non-face cards are represented by the playing card itself.

By A.S. on Oct 22, 2009

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