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Case Closed: Captured in Her Eyes

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The fourth movie, Case Closed: Captured in Her Eyes, known as Detective Conan: Captured in Her Eyes (名探偵コナン 瞳の中の暗殺者 Meitantei Conan Hitomi no Naka no Ansatsusha) in Japan, was first screened on April 22, 2000.
Directed and wrote by the same staff of the previous two movies, Captured in Her Eyes was about how Rachel Moore became entangled in a series of murder cases where police officers were victims, and when a failed murder attempt gave her amnesia and made herself another target of the killer.

This movie achieved a box office income of 2.5 billion Japanese yen.

Police officers are being killed one by one by an unknown person. Suspecting the culprit to have some sort of relationship with the police force, the police have kept quiet about the situation.
When the third victim, officer Sato is critically injured by the killer, Ran is the only eyewitness.
Suffering from traumatic shock, she also loses her memory of everything that happened previously in her life.
The killer now knows that Ran has seen his/her face, so s/he must get rid of her. Conan Edogawa must find the serial killer while protecting Ran... and his own true identity.

Detective Conan movie 4 part 2

As part of a plan to restore Ran's memories, Kogoro and Sonoko take Ran to Tropical Land theme park. Conan is not informed of this, however, and concerns himself with the investigation of the case.
Professor Agasa and the Detective Boys (Ayumi, Genta, Mitsuhiko, and Ai) also go to Tropical Land. There, one of the suspects approaches Kogoro and Ran.
The man is stopped, due to the combined efforts of the Detective Boys and taken in for questioning by Kogoro. As it turns out, the man was merely attempting to talk to Kogoro- and the murderer remains at large.

Detective Conan movie 4 part 3

Meanwhile, Conan discovers who the killer is, and realizing that Ran is in grave danger, he rushes off to Tropical Land to search for her. When Conan finally catches sight of Ran, she is already being targeted by the murderer.
Conan contacts the Detective Boys via the badge communicator, and Ran is saved by Agasa but because she is thoroughly freaked out, she runs off, with both the murderer and Conan in pursuit. Conan eventually catches up to Ran, and they attempt to escape from the killer together.

Detective Conan movie 4 part 4

While on one of the park rides Conan reveals the killer to be the psychiatrist Ran was seeing about her memory loss: Once a heart surgeon that was intentionally injured by another doctor, he was no longer able to perform heart surgery and decided to kill that doctor.
His actions were ruled a suicide, and he was never caught. 

Upon discovering that the case would be reopened, he decided to kill the officers who were to begin the investigation, to protect his identity, and now Ran.
During the chase they come across the fountain, the setting of Ran's date with Shinichi. When Ran sees the fountain her memories flood back. 
Conan uses the fountain's water jet to disarm the killer, but he still had a knife, when he had Conan pinned down, Ran swiftly kicks his knife into two pieces and uses her karate to knock him out.
The police come afterwards with the police chief saying that his action led them to the truth, and asked him who he was, Conan responds "Need not to know."

By A.S. on Oct 28, 2009
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