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Case Closed: The Private Eyes' Requiem (名探偵コナン 探偵たちの鎮魂歌)

Taking up herewith "the tenth movie, Detective Conan: The Private Eyes' Requiem (名探偵コナン 探偵たちの鎮魂歌).
The tenth movie was announced on December 15, 2005 and was released on April 15, 2006, debuting at the number one position in the Japanese box office Note it is referred as Meitantei Conan: Tanteitachi no requiem. and remained there for three consecutive weeks.
As of May 28, 2006, it earned $25.8 million in the Japanese box office.
Directed by Taiichiro Yamamoto and written by Kazunari Kochi, it was about Conan's investigation of an old murder case as Rachel and friends were held hostage.
Important personnel such as Hattori Heiji, Phantom Thief Kid and Saguru Hakuba have all appeared in this movie.
The plot of the tenth movie is as follows;
Conan, Kogoro, Ran, including Ayumi, Genta, Mitsuhiko and Haibara are invited to visit a hotel for a client which is beside a theme park called Miracle land. Ran and the kids left after being given free theme park wristbands, Conan and Mouri Kogoro are asked to stay in the room, where the client who hired Kogoro appears on the television in their room and tells them they must solve a mystery to remove the wrist watches which are set to detonate at 10:00 pm. The watches are also equipped with the GPS system to prevent them from going to the police. He reveals that the others have special features, once they enter the theme park, they can not leave and if they do, their watches will explode. The mystery man reveals that two legendary detectives have given up, one is still working, and another has failed. The screen changes to reveal Detective Ryu, a friend of Kogoro's. Detective Ryu is told his report is wrong, his wristband counts down from ten, a flash of light, and then the camera is destroyed.

detective conan movie 10 part 1 of 12

They are given just one clue and a phone that can only receive calls, leading Conan and Kogoro into an empty hotel that hid ski masks and a government licensed gun in a bag. They discovered that it was used for a robbery of a truck delivering money to a bank on April 4. They also discover on the same date of the robbery, Kaitou Kid stole some jewels from a nearby company. Kogoro retrieves the bag, but ends up getting arrested on suspect of being Kid's accomplice. The mysterious man calls the phone to which Conan picks up and the client identifies Conan as Shinichi instead and gives him a second clue Conan uses his voice changer and speaks with Shinichi's voice into the phone. Conan then leaves the police station to continue the investigation.

detective conan movie 10 part 6 of 12

Conan meets Hattori Heiji and reveals he is part of the search, because he was also invited to the hotel. Kazuha is also held captive. Hattori and Conan work together and end up in a university's club office where they join together with Hakuba Saguru, who is a famous detective from the North. They find out that one of the former presidents of the club was charged with the murder of a classmate (Nishio), and that they removed his portrait from the portraits of club leaders. Afterwards they went to Nishio's home to find out some answers. Hattori then confirms with the client through the phone that the mystery he wants them to solve was the murder case, and the truth behind what really happened.

detective conan movie 10 part 11 of 12

They are attacked by some motorcyclists who are working for the culprit who also tried to kill Kaitou Kid. Conan blacks out after getting injured from the chase and breaks his leg. When Conan regains consciousness, Hattori explains to Conan that Hakuba Saguru called Professor Agasa to drive him. Professor Agasa reveals that Kogoro was already at the hotel to reveal what he found out, but Hattori knocks him out after Conan misses with the tranquilizer shot. They then discover the entrance to the client who is blind and bind to a wheelchair and reveals the truth to him. The client, Nishio, and Reiko (whom the client was in love with) were staging the robbery of an armored car. The robbery went wrong when the Nishio killed a guard and was seen escaping by Kaitou Kid. Thus, Nishio was murdered in order to keep the involvement of the other two silent. Conan and Hattori reveal that Nishio was already dead before the client shot him and that Reiko was the true killer. When the client panicked and tried to leave the city, his car was sabotaged in an attempt to kill him.

Reiko appears at that moment and confirms the truth behind the incident. She attempts to kill the detectives to prevent the truth from being revealed. She reveals that she would have finished off the client if his guilt didn't continue to divert suspicion from her. Hattori throws a spear on the ceiling and Conan jumps, swings on the spear, turns and knocks the woman out using his soccer ball. Conan then accesses the computer but can not change the settings on the wristbands due to the computer receiving damage from a loose gunshot. Conan finally finds a server that works and links up the wirelessly connected laptop. The only thing left is to find out the password. The secret question to the password is "who I think about most". They tried to find the answer but at first they entered the wrong answer. Conan thinks the answer is the client's own name and he entered. Luckily, he is correct. Conan then resets the timer on the wristbands on the last second and release the wristbands. He could not turn off the area restriction on the wristbands though.

The camera changes to where the people with wristwatches at held at a restaurant by the police. An officer collects their wristbands and the Super Snake, a roller coaster which is out of the boundaries of the park, is re-opened. The children all ride on the roller coaster until Hattori realizes that Genta still has his wristwatch on. Ai removes his wristwatch but because of the ride it flies to Hattori, and then to the empty seats behind Conan. The roller coaster goes into a loop and Conan attempts to dislodge the seat restraint to get to the wristwatch, at the risk of falling into the sea. Just then, Kaitou Kid flies in on his hang glider and grabs the wristwatch, depositing it safely away from the roller coaster.

Conan, Ai, and Hattori were the only ones to notice Kid saved them. Conan reveals that Kid was with them for a long time, disguised as Hakuba Saguru, which explains his disappearance. At the post credit everyone returned home safely. Conan and Hattori are playing chess and Kogoro is taking a nap. The death of the two previous detectives hired by the client is revealed to have been staged. Detective Ryu pretended to die in exchange for money. Kogoro rants how low it was for him to do that for money. Just then Kogoro receives a phone call to star in a commercial for sleeping pills, which he denied until a great sum of money was mentioned.

By A.S. on Jan 10, 2010
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