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Tales of Hearts

Tales of Hearts (テイルズオブハーツ, Teiruzu obu Hātsu) is the eleventh mothership title in the Tales series exclusively for the Nintendo DS, which was released on December 18, 2008 in Japan.
Tales of Hearts' characteristic genre name is RPG to Meet the Heart (心と出会うRPG, Kokoro to deau RPG).
The producer is Hideo Baba, the director is Kazuhisa Oomi, the Scenario Writer is Naoki Yamamoto, and series veterans Mutsumi Inomata and Motoi Sakuraba are the character's designer and composer, respectively.
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The game uses 2D sprites, 3D backgrounds, and is the first entry in the series to use CG for the characters in event movies. The theme song, "Eien no Ashita" (永遠の明日, "Eternal Tomorrow") is performed by Deen, who previously performed Tales of Destiny's theme song.
The game is available in two versions: one using animation, produced by Production I.G., and the other using CG, produced by Shirogumi.
There are also two versions of this game that the buyer may choose from. One includes an anime style to the game and the other a CG version. However the CG version will only be available in Japan.
Please enjoy below YouTube Video.

Tales of Hearts: Boss 12: Silver


Out of battle, Tales of Hearts has similar gameplay to other titles in the series. The player visits various towns throughout the game, in which they can talk to various NPCs, buy items, and progress the story. The player also goes to dungeons, which contain various enemies, treasures, and puzzles, in which the Sorcerer's Ring, a recurring item in the series, may play a part in solving. After battles, the player acquires gald to buy various things, and experience points, which goes toward leveling up the party. When traveling between towns and dungeons, the player travels through the field map, which contains no enemies. While on the field map the player may go through "field dungeons", which do contain enemies. In both dungeons and field dungeons, enemies are visible, and can be engaged in battle when touched.

Recovery Stones (治癒石, Chiyu Ishi) replaces the common cooking system of the series. The recovery stone can be set to be used at various times during battle to recover HP, or for other effects. When the stone is used it consumes "Heal Energy", which can be recharged at a recovery stone shop, or in dungeons. At the shops the player can also pay to increase the number of effects that can be set to the stone, increase the amount of heal energy, or buy more effects that the recovery stone can use.

By going to accessory shops, the player can make different accessories through materials found throughout the game, all with different effects or benefits. Accessories can also be reverted back into the materials used to create it for other uses.

(Tales of Hearts / Image)

Customization in the game is handled through the "Soma Build" system, through which the player upgrades the Soma (weapons) of the party and control their growth. The player can use raw materials found throughout the game to learn various abilities, or "Soma Skills" (of which there are four types: Parameter, Battle, Action, and Support), or to add various stat bonuses to a character.

When Soma Build is performed on a weapon enough times, the weapon can go through a process called "Soma Evolve", in which the Soma will take on a new form and name, and unlock new Soma Skills and stat bonuses.

(Tales of Hearts / Image)

Throughout the game there are various events in which the player can choose different options towards another character, called a "Soma Link". Through certain choices it will cause the outcomes of scenes to change, and the character may gain points towards their "Soma Link Value". Once it becomes high enough, the character can learn various skills.

By using Soma, the party can go into one's heart, called a "Spir Link". The person's mind is like a labyrinth, called a "Spir Maze", a place with various rare items and other things to find. There are chances to go into these during both the main scenario and with NPCs throughout the game.

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