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Bleach Manga Gets A Film Adaptation

Bleach Manga Gets A Film Adaptation
Mar 22, 2010 by Latino Review

Anime and manga fans are already aware that "Akira" is getting a new live action adaptation at Warner Bros. ...
Mind-Blowing Origami Based on Comics, Manga, Anime and Video Games
Mar 22, 2010 by Comics Alliance

From comic books to anime and video games, Chan's work on both his Web site and Flickr account demonstrates a talent worth celebrating. ...

Osaka Hamlet Manga Gets Anime Green-Lit for Summer
Mar 25, 2010 by Anime News Network 

A flyer at this week's Tokyo International Anime Fair has announced that an anime adaptation of Hiromi Morishita 's Osaka Hamlet manga has been green-lit ...

Shinryaku! Ika Musume Comedy Manga Gets Anime
Mar 25, 2010 by Anime News Network

Squid Girl) manga, and the sketch indicates that the manga is being adapted into anime. The comedy centers arounds a squid girl who vows to invade the ...

Mar 21, 2010 by Honolulu Star-Bulletin

(Full disclosure: Grant originally pitched the project as a supplement to this fine publication, a discussion that your friendly neighborhood anime/manga ...

To Do In Atlanta: Momocon - Anime, Comics, Gaming, And Kotaku
Mar 19, 2010 by Kotaku.com

MomoCon is a free fan convention with a focus on video games, anime, costuming, manga, comics, and just about anything else geeks can be a fan of. ...

Metro vote on bill against child-sex imagery in 'manga,' 'anime' shelved
Mar 19, 2010 by The Japan Times

The bill urges the "anime" animation and "manga" comic industry to impose voluntary restrictions on the sale to minors of works that depict sexual ...

Anime Club on display
Mar 23, 2010 by Beacon Villager

Davila had several drawings on display, many of which depicted characters from the popular anime and manga series Bleach. "I'm glad we got to do this. ...

Animanga Mania club attracts teens for art's sake
Mar 21, 2010 by Galesburg Register

There are similar anime and manga clubs all over the United States,” Garman said, adding that teens in Japan are equally fascinated by American cartoons ...

At The Library: Take Note of the Free Music Collection
Mar 23, 2010 by The Ledger

Teen Anime for teens 13-18 meets 4:15 pm Thursday. Catch up on the latest anime and manga from Japan, and learn a bit about life in Japan. ...

By A.S. on Mar 26, 2010
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