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Directors in focus: Hayao Miyazaki

Watch: Official Final Trailer for Studio Ghibli's The Borrowers
First Showing - ‎Jul 2, 2010‎
The Borrowers Trailer

This is not directed by Hayao Miyazaki, but by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, however Miyazaki has apparently said that this film "moved him to tears" and he also ...

Directors in focus: Hayao Miyazaki
The Yorker - ‎Jun 30, 2010

There is an adage amongst many animation lovers: “If you can name a bad Miyazaki film, you're wrong”. Such is the reputation of this man born into a family ...

Watch a Videogame Trailer From the Makers of Ponyo and Spirited Away
Paste Magazine - ‎Jun 30, 2010

Japanese animation powerhouse Studio Ghibli, co-founded in part by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, is known for creating lush landscapes, ...

The Last Airbender
Boston Globe - ‎Jun 29, 2010

... then, and appreciate the pieces: Patel's tremulous Zuko, a few mildly stunning CGI sets, a six-legged flying bison swiped from Hayao Miyazaki, ...

'Rango': A peek behind the scenes of Johnny Depp's epic lizard western
Entertainment Weekly - ‎Jun 30, 2010‎

... look that draws upon the John Ford canon, Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns, and — as Verbinski pointed out — a hushed hint of Hayao Miyazaki ...

EIFF 2010: Mai Mai Miracle review
Den Of Geek - ‎Jun 27, 2010

When the name Hayao Miyazaki is thrown around in a film's synopsis, the reader's ears should prick up and listen, as the man is responsible for some of the ...

My Neighbor Totoro: One of the Best Family Films Ever Made
Inhabitat - Jul 3, 2010

A charming piece created by Hayao Miyazaki, Totoro focuses on the simple wonder of being a child in a place where nature, family, imagination and a handful ...

DVDs to take to the cottage
Toronto Sun - ‎Jul 2, 2010

Ponyo: Lasseter worships at the altar of Japanese master animator Hayao Miyazaki. He made sure that Miyazaki's latest opus, a beautiful children's story ...

And now for something completely different: Debriefing Toy Story 3
Christian Post - ‎Jun 28, 2010

In fact, I dare say that with the exception of Hayao Miyazaki (who receives a nice homage in TS-3 with the cameo appearance of Totoro),all the geniuses ...

Brought to life: 10 top animated movies
National - ‎Jun 30, 2010

Hayao Miyazaki was considered “Japan's Walt Disney” long before Spirited Away was released, but it set a new standard for magical and surreal storytelling ...

By A.S. on Jul 5, 2010
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