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Anime Expo 2010: Closer Look at 18 New VIZ Media Manga

Anime Studio Pro Plays Well With Other Smith Micro Creative Software
Washington Post - ‎Jul 3, 2010‎

Anime Studio Pro ($200, 30-day free trial with some feature limitations) is the full-featured, professional version of Smith Micro's bone-based animation ...
Unlikely Anime Surgeries Create Living Cartoons
Wired News - Jul 9, 2010

The going theory is that Her Gagasity and her followers are influenced by the looming, yet willowy, shadow of anime and manga, the Japanese animation and ...

Happening Saturday
Los Angeles Times - Jul 3, 2010

Expo The nation's largest anime and manga convention is even bigger this year with activities including celebrity appearances and signings, ...

Girls clamor for 'circle' contact lenses inspired by Lady Gaga, but they're ...
New York Daily News - Jul 7, 2010

Teenagers and young women who love the anime look have no dearth of places not just to find circle lenses but to be instructed in how to use them. ...

VIZ Launches New Streaming Anime Series Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan
Manga.about.com - Jul 7, 2010

At their Saturday panel at Anime Expo, the folks at VIZ Media announced that they'd be adding a new streaming anime series, straight from Japan: Nura: Rise ...

Anime Expo 2010: Closer Look at 18 New VIZ Media Manga
Manga.about.com - Jul 9, 2010

VIZ Media Marketing Director Candace Uyloan and Editor Mike Montesa were on hand at Anime Expo 2010 in Los Angeles last weekend to showcase lots of new and ...

Sony Posts Free, Breast-Filled Anime Episode on the PSN Store
Gamespy.com - Jul 9, 2010

When PlayStation Store senior manager Grace Chen promoted the first episode of TV-MA anime "Queen's Blade" as one of PSN's ...

Anime Expo 2010: Day 2
Toon Zone - Jul 8, 2010

The Anime Expo 2010 adventure continued on Friday. I started the day at the Geneon Universal industry panel which I recapped in another story. ...

Anime Expo 2010: Closer Look at Digital Manga's 14 New Titles
Manga.about.com - Jul 8, 2010

The third original manga title in the works is based on Gungrave, the sci-fi action game / anime series based on characters created by Yasuhiro Nightow, ...

Anime Expo 2010: Geneon Universal Previews New Anime Titles
Toon Zone - Jul 3, 2010

Japanese anime producer and distribution company, Geneon Universal Entertainment, previewed new anime shows at its industry panel Friday ...

By A.S. on July 12, 2010
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