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Lady Gaga' Anime Eyes in 'Bad Romance' Might Cause Serious Eye Problems

Anime legend: iPad use is disgusting
CNET - ‎Jul 13, 2010‎

Still, how can one not at least listen to the words of the great Japanese anime director Hayao Miyazaki on the subject of the iPad? ...

Gone, Speed Racer, Gone
E! Online - Jul 16, 2010

He succumbed to lung cancer at 83, according to the Anime News Network. Aside from Speed, Fernandez also voiced Racer X and miscellaneous minor characters ...

Crocheting a love of video games, anime
CNET - Jul 16, 2010

She's also into anime and video games like Final Fantasy XII, Halo, and BioShock. Not one to lead a segmented life, she weaves her geeky and craftsy ...

Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' Anime Peepers, Causing Harmful Circle Lens Fad
ChattahBox - ‎Jul 11, 2010

Lady Gaga, the over-the-top pop singer and fashion trend setter, has inspired teen girls to wear anime-like circle contact lenses, to replicate Gaga's ...

All dressed up: Scenes from the Anime Expo »
Los Angeles Times - ‎Jul 14, 2010

Anime Expo took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center during the holiday weekend, July 1-4. In addition to screenings, concerts and exhibitions, ...

Anime Club to meet at library
Albany Democrat Herald - Jul 17, 2010

Fans of Japanese animation, ages 11 through adults, are invited to the Albany Public Library's Anime Club meeting from 3:30 to 4:30 pm Saturday, July 17, ...

Lady Gaga' Anime Eyes in 'Bad Romance' Might Cause Serious Eye Problems
ADI News - ‎Jul 15, 2010

Lady Gaga, Fame Monster, over-the-top pop singer, and fashion trend setter, has become the inspiration of a lot of teen girls to wear anime-like circle ...

Viz Offers Cheap Anime
Home Media Magazine - ‎Jul 13, 2010

In advance of Comic-Con July 22-25, anime distributor Viz Media has launched a new promotion for films and TV ...

Comic-Con International: Last-minute returned tickets put back on sale
Los Angeles Times - ‎Jul 15, 2010‎
Comic-Con convention in July 2009

It has grown into a mega-event promoting the world of popular entertainment, including movies, the upcoming television season and the fields of anime and ...

Latest Episodes Of Bleach Anime
So Hood - ‎Jul 13, 2010

BLEACH is one of the most popular Japanese anime and manga properties in the world and this near simulcast schedule is part of VIZ Anime's ongoing strategy ...

By A.S. on July 19, 2010
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