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Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 to include exclusive anime episode

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 to include exclusive anime episode
Gaming Target - ‎Aug 11, 2010

The anime was originally released as an OVA in Japan in 1993 to coincide with the release of an NES game with the same name. A plot summary can be found at ...
HuffPost Review: Tales From Earthsea
Huffington Post - ‎Aug 12, 2010‎

Tales from Earthsea, taken from the science-fiction writing of Ursula LeGuin, is a gorgeously pokey anime from Goro Miyazaki, the debut film by the son of ...

Fans stranded in Baltimore start anime miniconvention
Honolulu Star-Advertiser - ‎Aug 12, 2010

Anime fans have been known to come up with some crazy, clever things to do with their downtime, but something that happened after Otakon, ...

GamePro Friday Giveaway: Madden and anime
GamePro.com - Aug 13, 2010

GamePro account holders can win the anime-influenced prize pack shown above -- a copy of Arc Rise Fantasia on the Wii and a Dungeon Fighter figurine. ...

Supernatural Anime Teaser Trailer Released
Mania - ‎Aug 6, 2010‎

The first teaser has been unveiled for the Japanese broadcast of the anime TV incarnation of Supernatural. ...

Look At The New Pokemon Anime, Do It!
Kotaku.com - ‎Aug 10, 2010

The fifth generation of Pocket Monsters are getting their own television anime in Japan. The show, Pokemon: Best Wish!, will replace current ...
Look At The New Pokemon Anime, Do It!

'Tytania' Anime Space Opera Coming to DVD
Animation Insider - Aug 13, 2010

US anime fans aren't often invited to the genre of the space opera, and so the upcoming domestic release of Tytania may rightfully feel a little out of ...

The Anime Redub
Color Magazine - ‎Aug 12, 2010‎

It wasn't that long ago when the idea of watching a dubbed series or movie was anathema to anime fans in America. The quality - and accuracy - of the ...

Documentary shows rise to fame of anime girl
Inside Japan Tours - ‎Aug 12, 2010

In Japan, the hugely popular manga and anime cultures see large parts of the teenage population dress up as their favourite characters and congregate in ...

'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' opens
Austin News - Aug 13, 2010

The movie is based on the "Scott Pilgrim" graphic novels and combines elements of anime, comic books and old time Batman fight scenes.

By A.S. on Aug 18, 2010
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