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Did manga bootleggers spread bad habits to Japan?

Did manga bootleggers spread bad habits to Japan?
Comic Book Resources - ‎Aug 12, 2010‎

Roland Kelts has an interesting article in the Daily Yomiuri covering manga's summer of discontent, and one point he touches on is the decline in manga ...
From Manga Scanlations to Comics on the iPad: Online Piracy Panel at Comic-Con
Manga.about.com - ‎Aug 11, 2010

(You can read the entire transcript, both Part 1 and Part 2 now) Jake T. Forbes, manga editor and author of Return to Labyrinth (TOKYOPOP) In a world where ...

Mega Man Megamix Vol. 2 Manga is coming Septemer 8th
Examiner.com - Aug 13, 2010

(Mega Man Megamix)

The manga is a different take on the origin of the Blue Bomber, as Hitoshi Ariga's fleshes out the backstory of not only Mega Man, but the Robot Masters he ...

Kodansha to publish yakuza, samurai manga
Comic Book Resources - ‎Aug 11, 2010

Talking to Publishers Weekly Comics Week, Sean Michael Wilson, the editor of the alt-manga anthology AX, reveals that the Japanese publisher Kodansha is ...

'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World': Five Secrets Revealed!
MTV.com - Aug 13, 2010

Pop culture has been suffused with its various in-your-face references — from "Super Mario Brothers" coins to "Seinfeld" bass lines to Japanese manga ...

Scott Pilgrim - Reviewed
Cougar - ‎Aug 12, 2010

Seeing as how this film follows incredibly faithfully to its source material, the American made manga of the same name, it amazes me how well a good idea ...

'My Darling' manga goes bilingual
The Daily Yomiuri - ‎Aug 11, 2010

Tony Laszlo makes it no secret that, when the first volume of his manga artist wife's work about their life together was printed in 2002, he did not read it ...

Del Rey: We're still making manga
Comic Book Resources - ‎Aug 11, 2010

Viz and Tokyopop may be bigger, but Del Rey manga has always been the prestige manga publisher, the home of smart, mature titles like Love Roma, Mushishi, ...

Manga Kamishibai: The Art of Japanese Paper Theater, 1930 to 1960
VFXWorld - ‎Aug 11, 2010‎

An Illustrated Lecture and artifact demonstration by Eric P. Nash, author of Manga ...

Baffled by wordy Shakespearen volumes?
Hindustan Times - Aug 13, 2010

Manga Shakespeare – a series of graphic novels retell the Bard's plays in a cool way. So if you are baffled by those wordy Shakespearen volumes, ...

By A.S. on Aug 19, 2010
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