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Anime & Manga Japan / Hayao Miyazaki is Developing a Sequel to 1992's 'Porco Rosso'

Hayao Miyazaki is Developing a Sequel to 1992's 'Porco Rosso'
First Showing - ‎Aug 22, 2010

The site translated some quotes from Studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyazaki talking about their future line-up and Miyazaki's plans in his own immediate future ...
Porco Rosso

Hayao Miyazaki to Embark on His First Sequel
TheCelebrityCafe.com - ‎Aug 25, 2010

Hayao Mayazaki's follow up to Ponyo might be a sequel to Porco Rosso; a movie about an ace fighter pilot cursed to live with the face of the pig. ...

Watch Hayao Miyazaki's early post-apocalyptic film "Nausicaä" online
io9 - ‎Aug 23, 2010‎
Watch Hayao Miyazaki's early post-apocalyptic film

Hayao Miyazaki created movies like Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and My Neighbor Totoro. Now you can see his brilliant, early film Nausicaä of the ...

Hayao Miyazaki Nominated for World Fantasy Award
Anime News Network - ‎Aug 26, 2010‎

The World Fantasy Convention in Columbus, Ohio has released the nominees for the 2010 World Fantasy Awards, and director Hayao Miyazaki has been nominated ...

Anime Filmmaker, Satoshi Kon, Dies at 46
TheCelebrityCafe.com - Aug 26, 2010‎

She also compared him to the likes of animator Hayao Miyazaki and Nobel Prize-winning novelist Kenzaburo Oe. Some of Kon's work includes his first feature ...

Weekly Ketchup: Piranha 3-D Sequel Planned
Rotten Tomatoes - Aug 27, 2010‎

This week's Ketchup includes sequel news for Piranha 3D and Hayao Miyazaki's Porco Rosso, the announcement of another Marvel Studios superhero movie ...

Blu-ray Review: Ponyo
Blogcritics.org - ‎Aug 24, 2010

Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki is a legend in the film industry for his beautiful and imaginative animated films. Ponyo, based upon the Hans Christian ...

Watch: Baths Meets Princess Mononoke in Samurai-Featuring Video for 'Lovely ...
LA Weekly - ‎Aug 24, 2010

... ​Chatsworth beat artist Baths has a known predilection for escapism, and one of his favorite outs is the work of acclaimed anime artist Hayao Miyazaki. ...
< moc.ukatok@aidem > moc.ukatok@aidem
Kotaku.com - ‎Aug 25, 2010

Hayao Miyazaki's recent interview with Cut Magazine has created a whirlwind of news surrounding the studio. Being the piece is only in Japanese, ...

Art Yard Sale
Altoona Mirror - ‎Aug 28, 2010

I love the work of Marc Chagall and Hayao Miyazaki. I have a huge list of inspirations and probably could go on about different artists and writers that I ...

By A.S. on Sept 2, 2010
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