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Manga Review: Eureka Seven Transcends Anime Adaptation Blahs

Manga Review: Eureka Seven Transcends Anime Adaptation Blahs
Manga.about.com - Sep 9, 2010

Read Shaenon's review of Eureka Seven Manga Collection Volume 1 and find out what she found to be most fascinating about this anime-inspired manga. ...
Anime and Manga LEGO Sculptures Unite Otaku and LEGO Maniacs at ...
Comics Alliance - Sep 9, 2010

The previous two years focused on zombies, but this year celebrates Japanese culture, with a focus on anime and manga, and plenty of Studio Ghibli films ...

The Top-Six Anime and Manga Food Babes
Dallas Observer - Sep 9, 2010
kitchen princess.jpg

9 2010 @ 12:45PM Manga and anime, Japanese comics and cartoons, respectively, have a long history of sexually objectifying female characters. ...

Librari-Con: Fans of anime, manga converge in Fayetteville

FayObserver.com - Sep 5, 2010

Many of those who came, such as Leanna Crumpler, dressed as their favorite anime and manga characters. Anime is the cartoon animation; manga refers to the ...

Coming Soon: New York Anime Festival / NY Comic-Con
Manga.about.com - Sep 9, 2010

The Fall 2010 convention season is now upon us, and in less than a month, both anime/manga/J-pop culture and comics/sci-fi fans will be converging on Jacob ...

Illustrating a career out of anime
Vernon Morning Sta - Sep 9, 2010

Lumby-raised artist Camilla d'Errico works in her Vancouver studio on her latest Japanese anime and manga-inspired drawings. By Kristin Froneman - Vernon ...

'Anime' makes Japan superpower

The Japan Times - Sep 6, 2010
News photo
(Animated: "K-On!!" — a story of five high school girls and their band — has gained great popularity recently.)

Japan's rich manga culture has served as the springboard for many anime creators, including Tezuka. A popular print manga can quickly be animated for ...

Produced By: Kodansha(manga) AIC (anime OVA)
Gaming Evolution - Sep 4, 2010

When viewed out of context, anime fans may find the story a tad silly or cheesy. While watching, one is forced to suspend their disbelief on a regular basis ...

Bleach Chapter 419 (Manga) Released!
3anime - Sep 9, 2010

It's been really slow these past days in the anime and manga world but today we here at 3anime are happy to announce that Bleach Chapter 419 will be out in ...

Urban Vision Anime Titles Delisted At Right Stuf
Mania - Sep 8, 2010

Anime and manga retailer Right Stuf has made notice on their site that they have removed all releases on their for ...

By A.S. on Sep 13, 2010
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