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Unique manga the top winners in 4th Morning International Comic Competition

The weekly Morning comic magazine has announced on its website the winners of its 4th Morning International Comic Competition (MICC).
MICC is a contest for manga created around the world.
This year, the grand prize went to Kim Dae-jin's "The Unreverberating Echo." The South Korean manga-ka's surreal work is published in Kodansha Ltd.'s Morning Two comic magazine, released Aug. 21, and can also be viewed in its entirety on the competition's official website.
The Unreberating Echo
(The Unreberating Echo)

Second prize was shared by "Apple Baby Cat" by Little Thunder from Hong Kong and "Starfields" by Michael Aubtin Madadi from Britain. These works can also be viewed on the official website.
(Apple Baby Cat)

"The Unreverberating Echo" is the unusual and amusing story of a student who, suddenly one day, finds himself unable to voice a single consonant and causes confusion everywhere he goes.

The piece, drawn in webcomic style with full-color frames, is reminiscent of U.S.-style comics. But it also shares something in common with Japanese manga.

At the same time, it is unique because of the author's cultural background. This very original manga is well worthy of the top prize.

The style of "Starfields" is also distinctive. Drawn with thin and simple lines, the main characters, a young man and a robot, remind the reader of "datsuryoku-kei" (tension-removing) manga. At the same time, the piece also resembles traditional European one-frame comic strips. All in all, it is a unique fantasy that offers little explanation on the background of the story.

"Apple Baby Cat" may seem most familiar to readers of Japanese manga, but it also contains international elements specific to Hong Kong. The artist's stylish design and use of subdued colors suggests the influence of European culture on Little Thunder's works.

This year's selections offer a wider range of expression, partly attributed to the contest's change to include the word "comic" in its name, says a selection committee member. Previously, the contest was called the Morning International Manga Competition.

The old name seemed to encourage many submissions that mimicked the style of Japanese "shonen manga" (comics aimed at teenage boys).

But with the switch to the English "comic," a wider variety and style of entries were received, many of which can be classified as "seinen manga" (comics for adult men), which Morning magazine looks for.

Morning magazine is now accepting entries for its fifth MICC. Submissions must be postmarked by July 31, 2011. The magazine will continue to accept submissions from aspiring artists who aim to be professional manga authors.

The grand prize winner will be awarded $3,000 (254,000 yen), while the second prize winners will receive $1,000. In addition, the grand prize winning manga will be published in either Morning, Morning 2, or on the official website.

In addition, the top prize winners will be assigned a Morning editor who will offer advice on the artists' future works.

By A.S. on Sep 26, 2010
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