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Case Closed Movie (4)

Refer to "Case Closed Movie Series".
The tenth movie, Detective Conan: The Private Eyes' Requiem (名探偵コナン 探偵たちの鎮魂歌 ,Meitantei Conan Tantei-tachi no Requiem) was announced on December 15, 2005 and was released on April 15, 2006, debuting at the number one position in the Japanese box office and remained there for three consecutive weeks.
As of May 28, 2006, it earned $25.8 million in the Japanese box office. Directed by Taiichiro Yamamoto and written by Kazunari Kochi, it was about Conan's investigation of an old murder case as Rachel and friends were held hostage. Important personnel such as Harley Hartwell, Kid the Phantom Thief and Saguru Hakuba have all appeared in this movie.

Detective Conan 10th Movie / Proof that Kaitou disguised as Hakuba

The eleventh movie, Detective Conan: Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure (名探偵コナン 紺碧の棺 ,Meitantei Conan Konpeki no Jorī Rojā), was first released on April 27, 2007. Written by Kazunari Kochi and directed by Kanetsugu Kodama, the movie was about the murder of treasure hunters and the alleged loot left by pirate Anne Bonny on a Japanese island. This movie brought in 2.53 billion yen.

Detective Conan movie 11/ Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure

The twelfth movie, Detective Conan: Full Score of Fear (名探偵コナン 戦慄の楽譜 ,Meitantei Conan Senritsu no Furu Sukoa) was announced on February 20, 2008, and released on April 19, 2008, debuting at the number one position in the Japanese box office. It is unknown how long it remained there at this time. There have been reports that the advertising for the film was limited, yet normal for a Detective Conan movie. It was reported that (an estimate of) 350,000 people watched the movie in its opening weekend alone. As of May 5, 2008 the movie has earned over 420.03 million yen. It is twelfth on 2008's Top Domestic Movies at Japanese Box Office.

Detective Conan Movie 12 part 1 (eng sub) / Full Score of Fear

The thirteenth movie, Detective Conan: The Raven Chaser (名探偵コナン 漆黒の追跡者 Meitantei Conan Shikkoku no Chaser) was previewed at the end of the twelfth movie and it set to be released on April 18, 2009. This movie is confirmed to be about the Black Organization, the first since movie 5. In the movie, a new member of the Black Organization, Irish, manages to find out Conan's identity, putting everyone around him in danger.[citation needed]

Detective Conan AMV 2009 / The Raven Chaser

The Fourteenth movie, (Untitled), was anounced at the end of the 13th movie Theaterical release on April, 18, 2009. It will be release April, 2010.

By J.S. in Apr., 2009
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