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Time Stranger Kyoko (時空異邦人KYOKO)


Time Stranger Kyoko (時空異邦人KYOKO, Jikuu Ihou Jin Kyoko) is a manga series written and illustrated by Arina Tanemura. Originally serialized in Ribon from the September 2000 issue to the September 2001 issue, the individual chapters were collected and published in three tankōbon volumes in Japan by Shueisha. Viz Media licensed the series for an English-language version in North America, releasing the first volume in July 2008; the third and final volume was released in January 2009.
An eleven-minute-long original video animation (OVA) based on the manga series, Time Stranger Kyoko: Leave it to Chocola, was released in Japan in 2001 at Shuiesha's "Ribon Festival". Produced by Production I.G, Transarts and directed by Masatsugu Arakawa, the OVA centers on the character Chocola.
In the 30th Century, the planet is now united under one country called Earth. Princess Kyoko is protected by the last remaining members of the Dragon clan: the princes Hizuki and his younger brother Sakataki. Kyoko has lived the life of a commoner, attending public school under the quiet protection of her two guardians, while avoiding being seen in public as the princess. As her 16th birthday approaches, the time when she will inherit the crown, her subjects are growing restless at her refusal to be seen. A gang comes to the school having heard a tip she was there, and begins harassing Kyoko's friend Karen. Kyoko reveals her identity to protect both her friend and the school. Afterwards, she returns home to accept her fate, but her father offers her the chance to return to the life she prefers if she can awaken her twin sister, Ui. Ui, has been in a coma-like state since she was born and is said to be "trapped in time". If she awakens, she would inherit the crown, and Kyoko would be free. Wanting to meet and speak with the sister she has never known, Kyoko agrees to undertake the quest.

Time stranger Kyoko

To do this, Kyoko must find the Strangers, twelve telepaths who each hold a holy stone that enables their owners to use specific powers. Kyoko herself is the first, the Time Stranger, and the one destined to lead the others. She has the power to stop time and go back in time, and is given the "Scorpion Cane" which talks to her and aid Strangers. Her guardian Sakataki is revealed to be the Crystal Stranger, and they are able to quickly find the next ten strangers, all leaders of their clans and descendants of the Kirit clan. They are able to find the ten of the remaining strangers quickly, and along the way Kyoko comes to appreciate her position as a princess and decides she will continue to be one even after Ui awakens.

By AS on Jun 1, 2011
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