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‘Azuma Kyotarou’, a brand-new cartoonist born in Sanriku Town made a brilliant debut in the popular magazine


A cartoonist Azuma Kyotarou (21) has started serial comic strips in the September issue of Monthly Shonen Sirius published by Kodansha. His hometown is Okirai, Sanriku Town where had a serious damages at the tsunami on March 11. Local citizens in his hometown are glad to hear this good news. Mr. Azuma was graduated from Ohfunato Senior High School after finished study at Sakihama Elementary and Okirai Junior High.
He was first interested in drawing manga in his senior high school days, and spent over 6 hours a day for drawing on weekends and holidays in his senior high. A 2nd grade student in Ohfunato Senior High strengthened his determination to become cartoonist and entered to JAM or Japan Animation & Manga Vocational College in Niigata Prefecture after graduation from senior high.

While attending to JAM, the young would be cartoonist entered a prize contest ‘a budding cartoonist of the year’ sponsored by the magazine ‘Monthly Shonen Sirius published by Kodansha and received the encouragement prize. He entered prize contests for budding cartoonists every time and could receive a quasi-winning work several times. The chief editor of the magazine recommended him to draw serial comics in February. Then, he left for the capital soon after the graduation from JAM. He has started working for the serials from May, which will be issued in September.

The title of the comics is ‘Sacred Seven’ which is one of the popular animations has been shown on TV from July. The original author is Mr. Hajime Yatate.

Hajime Yatate (矢立 肇) is a pseudonym for the collective contributions of animation staff‘ from ‘Sunrise Co.’ one of the most popular animation production companies.“Hajime Yatate” is considered named after a quote of Matsuo Bashou’s ‘Okuno Hosomichi.’是を矢立の初めとして、行く道なほ進まず (Kore wo yatate no hajime toshite, Ikumichi naho susumazu). This was the first time I used my travel writing implements, and I was still reluctant to venture farther. It is mainly used as a copyright holder.

http://www.sacred7.jp/common/img/magazine/imgComic03.jpg http://www.sacred7.jp/common/img/magazine/imgComic02.jpg

‘I would like to arrange the story on my way without disturbing thought of the original story.’ A brand new cartoonist expressed.

He is now working on the second story which will be shown in the October issue. ‘I suppose that tsunami victims in my town faced to severe experiences. I would like to support them through my hard work on drawing cartoons.’ Mr. Azuma strengthened his determination.
In October, ‘Sacred Seven’ in his story will be published in book form.

By AS on Aug 23. 2011

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